Basil Element, a strengthening series, preventing excessive hair loss, offers a comprehensive care for people with hair problems - falling out hair, weakened and deprived of vitality.


Basil Element

We have developed a new line of cosmetics containg simple plant ingredients which naturally strengthen your hair,  make it thicker and prevent excessive hair loss. Basil Element consists of four complementary cosmetics to be used in daily care for hair and scalp.

We place in your hands our shampoo, conditioner, mask and a milk spray. They will help you when your hair is weakened, deprived of vitality or falls out as a result of stress, after pregnancy, due fatigue or weakness, environmental factors, or even genetic and hormonal causes.

We have developed Basil Element line, so that it can help even with the problem of androgenic alopecia, which now affects more and more men and women.

Our Main

For the main component of Basil Element series we have chosen a natural and ecological extract of basil hairy roots, obtained by means of biotechnological methods used so far primarily in pharmacy. Ocimum Basilicum extract not only strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss and stimulates its growth, but also rejuvenates the scalp. It is effective even in the case of skin prone to seborrhea and pruritus.

How are basil hairy roots created, from which is the extract is obtained?

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